PEO 1 : Graduates with adequate knowledge and technical skills to perform their job in industries and possess lifelong learning attributes.

PEO 2 : Graduates who can work independently or in team and possess leadership qualities with positive attitudes and ethics to fulfill their duties towards the working culture and community.

PEO 3 : Graduates who can fit in the entrepreneurial working culture.


At the end of the programme (DFD), graduates should be able to :

PLO 1 : Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and specialization principles to computer technology and big data.

PLO 2 : Demonstrate practical skills to meet specified requirements in the computer technology and big data field using appropriate tools, techniques and resources.

PLO 3 : Analyze, formulate and to provide solutions to well-defined computer technology, big data and related problems.

PLO 4 : Communicate effectively with the engineering community and society at large.

PLO 5 : Demonstrate team and interpersonal skills, and awareness of their social responsibilities.

PLO 6 : Demonstrate consideration for societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues, and professionalism in accordance with the computer technology and big data code of practice.

PLO 7 : Demonstrate digital, numeracy skills and engage in independent and lifelong learning for academic and professional development.

PLO 8 : Demonstrate an understanding of management, business practices, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

PLO 9 : Demonstrate effective leadership quality towards achieving a goal.